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mook 4 HOM


Eine Unterwäschenmarke ist ein Herausgeber...

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HO1, das ultimative Basic !

Der HO1 wurde bei seiner Markteinführung im Jahr 1997 zur bequemsten Boxershort gekürt...

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Wagen Sie Trendige Prints !

Die HOM Unterwäsche sticht seit jeher durch ausgefallene Prints hervor....

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HOM Performance


Underwear is essential for physical activity in complete freedom and for improving your performance.

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Fashion HOM


Nothing can be left to chance when putting together an outfit, including your underwear !

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HOM Homewear


Winter 2016 will be a cozy one ! This is the motto for the new Homewear collection introduced by HOM.

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HOM Swimwear


In the middle of winter, we are well aware that summer beckons on the other side of the world and we love to go and explore it on our holidays.

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Temptation HOM


Men love to please and the word sexy has no boundaries. Five Temptation lines (Gold, Flower, Emotion, Torrid and Ecstasy) to charm with taste and comfort.

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HOM Basic


Some men love underwear that is adaptable to all outfits and situations as it saves them time. A good basic is a way of getting it right every time and is a must for your everyday wardrobe.

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Collection hO1 HOM


Komfort, Funktion und Stil: Seit 1997 ist der HO1 (Horizontal Opening N°1) das Signature-Produkt von HOM.

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