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HOM Urban Camo

Imprimé de la saison - Urban Camo

Why wouldn’t underwear feature prints too? HOM gives a pretty fluid answer to the question, by using the most famous pattern of all: camouflage.

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HOM Collection street

Street Collection

Why shouldn't underwear follow the urban trend? “Tagging, camo, and on-trend prints are styles with a streetwear attitude that will convince you that originality does not have to replace comfort.

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HOM hO1 Clean cut

#Cleancut HO1

Like other products in the HOM range, CLEAN CUT has a mission of invisibility, as if you had a second skin.

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HOM Mook 2


HOM has nothing to hide: and the brand’s new ambitions are everywhere to be displayed. Discover the Mook #2...

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HOM interview yann gobert

Interview – Yann Gobert (Adventurer)

Photographer and graphic illustrator born and raised in Seine et Marne (60km from Paris); he always has a new adventure hiding in a corner of his head.

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HOM Maison du fada

Unesco adds 17 Le Corbusier projects to World Heritage List

Seventeen buildings of Le Corbusier, including "La Cité Radieuse" of Marseille built between 1947 and 1952 were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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HOM une révolution


This can seem a bit nonsensical to you, but until 1968, men’s underwear was just a piece of white cotton cloth with no particular shape: too big to even have a particular use when it comes to support, even, if you know the appropriate jargon.

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HOM Pop up store

HOM Opens Pop-Up store in Paris

HOM opened a Pop-Up store in Paris from 20 to 25 January 2016 in the Marais during Fashion Week to a focus on the basic, the HO1 Original who is back in the spring / summer 2016 modal cotton material with a discreet logo and worked even better finishes.

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HOM hO1 breveté

HO1, der patentierte horizontale Eingriff von HOM

Die HO1 (horizontal opening number 1) ist DAS Aushängeschild der Marke denn sie vereint das ganze Wissen und die Expertise von HOM in einem Produkt.

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HOM muscle recover

Muscle Recover

Bei MUSCLE RECOVER steht die sportive Innovation im Fokus. Durch den Einsatz der intelligenten Faser EMANA®, die vom französischen Rhodia®-Konzern entwickelt wurde, werden die Mikrozirkulation des Bluts und der Zellstoffwechsel stimuliert.

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