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#Interview : Matthieu Gamet

HOM interview Matthieu Gamet


Founder of the brand Kulte, Matthieu Gamet is the president of the MMMM (Maison Méditerrannéenne des Métiers de la Mode) located in Marseille. For this interview, he shared with us his vision of the young creation in Marseille.

Can you tell us what exactly MMMM does ?

La Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (Mediterranean Office for the Fashion Industry) is both a place and an entity that pushes every fashion jobs around the mediterranean sea. We have a company incubator that looks for interesting projects and helps young talents growing.

Young designers in the city are the «heirs of the very first fabric market in Europe just a few centuries ago, aren’t they ?

Marseille’s history with fashion and clothing is rich and takes its inspiration from the past. There is no doubt that most of the companies that lived through the decades there draw their savoir-faire from their own families and this common past. It is also important to highlight the fact that most of our youngsters in MMMM have gotten an excellent start from within the industry. They share their knowledge and they cement the DNA that fashion around here has.

Is Marseille a powerful city when it comes to creation ? Is there a trend for creation in the city, today ?

It is that but it is also that the city has multiplied. It is socially rich and makes Marseille second when it. Beyond the clichés and common mistakes people make about Marseille (colors, cicadas and the Bonne Mère), today there are so many creators and renowned brands that all come from this part of the world that it is time for us to talk about this area having a true identity within fashion. Marseille hence becomes a trademark when it comes to fashion around the Mediterranean sea. It becomes a window for the fashion industry.

How do you see men's underwear and HOM brand, is it a classic brand ?

I’m very contemplative of brands that find the recipe for longevity. It requires an endless creativity, to renew yourself constantly. There’s no miracle solution and that’s why, for me, HOM is a great, classic brand.

What can HOM bring to MMMM’s actions ?

I think it can bring an example of how successful an intimate products brand can be. It can also very well support creation and education, and it can also imagine with us what the future of our actions can be.

Can we imagine having every student work on the 50 years of HOM, in 2018 ?

I think it pretty much sums up the question from just before ! It is for me obvious, indeed.

And what’s your underwear size?

MMMM… Obviously, yeah.