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Nothing can be left to chance when putting together an outfit, including your underwear ! From the material to the print, every detailcounts to make every day perfect !


Why shouldn’t underwear follow the urban trend? “Tagging, camo, and on-trend prints are styles with a streetwear attitude that will convince you that originality does not have to replace comfort.”

Fashion HOM Indigo


As its name suggests, this line pays homage to the classic garment that is jeans. A result truer than nature for these two HO1 styles, made of particularly absorbent and breathable natural fiber.

Fashion HOM Camouflage


Why shouldn’t underwear follow the print trend ? HOM answers the question with the classic print, the camouflage, in two HO1 styles.

Fashion HOM Tag


The cosiness of patchwork and microfiber elastane to feel free as the air. A Trunk that convince you that comfort and graphics are a good mix.

Fashion HOM Skater


A free and passionate spirit likes its clothing style to keep up. . The SKATER style allow you to keep a streetwear attitude, even under a suit if your work requires it. Thank to their polyamide elastane microfibre, the boxer shorts offer pure comfort and lightness. Plus the action skater print will delight any free spirit.

Fashion HOM Street


Black or red ? Two boxer shorts with a modern cut. Made from Bamboo material for its antibacterial properties and 4 times more absorbent than cotton.

Fashion HOM Graph


For men who love graphics, HOM goes off the beaten track with its GRAPH product featuring its white on black print. Of course, originality does not overtake comfort, as this line also offers the HO1 opening, in soft and flexible cotton elastane material.


You don’t need to skimp on comfort or ease of care when looking for sophisticated underwear. This is a collection with a chic and modern look, along with the HOM finesse and style.


Fashion HOM Aristo


Fine stripes woven in micromodal, a jockstrap and HO1 horizontal opening, Aristo does everything to meet men’s needs in these three styles.

Fashion HOM Tailoring


A chic and modern look, without sacrificing the notion of comfort, available in three styles.

Fashion HOM Classe


A jacquard print that is both comfortable and easy to care for. The CLASSE styles wear well and provide the refined look you were going for.

Fashion HOM Passion


When passion for comfort exceeds all others, and becomes the essential condition in the choice of underwear. The PASSION style comes into its own and offers its ultra-soft modal material and an HO1 cut.

Fashion HOM Garden


A botanical print for the inner outdoors-men. Plus, with an HO1 opening, what’s not to like !


Fashion HOM Prince


A Prince of Wales style print with fine blue stripes and extremely lightweight fibre, hugging the skin for comfort in all circumstances.

Fashion HOM Jacques


A bow tie (or a few) for your underwear. JACQUES features a bow tie print made of modal and featuring the famous HO1 opening.

Fashion HOM Boxerlines


The HO1 was designed as the must have from HOM and it was a revolution, when it first was released in 1997, with its horizontal opening. The aim was simple : to satisfy the biggest number of men there is. More present than ever in 2016, with a comfort and a support even more adapted to the different body types, HOM proposes nine different colors, for every man’s daily needs.